About Us

Innovating IT Solutions for an Ever-Changing Business World!

There are a lot of companies offering Business Continuity Solutions, so what makes us so special? Why choose us over the dozens of other companies offering what appear to be the same services?

I’m glad you asked:


We are a local company with a real, live office. That might not seem too unique to you, but what you don’t realize is that some Computer Support companies are made up of a couple of guys working from their back bedrooms with no way of actually reaching them other than by e-mail or phone. OR they outsource their support overseas once you sign a contract. You can come to our office, shake our hand, and have a cup of coffee. Wouldn’t you rather deal with a local company that can meet with you face to face rather than an unknown entity in a different state – or different country?

Since establishing itself as a “Complete IT Solution” in 2004, Network Concepts Group was started with the idea of changing the technology consulting business as it is today. NCG understands Information Technology just as well as you understand the needs of your company. You can be guaranteed that our solution to your IT problems will be as unique as your business environment.

It is impossible for us to help you move forward with your business objectives until we understand how you got to where you are today. In partnering with you, NCG promises that our team of consulting and engineering professionals will collaborate with your team to develop a customized solution that will meet your operational demands, now and as your business expands and matures.

“Our goal is to make YOU successful.”
Equally important, NCG services all the solutions we make available to you. The technical and engineering personnel we send to your facilities have the certifications and the experience to respond to your issues.
By choosing Network Concepts Group as your technology partner, you gain a “Complete IT Solution!”