Datto Alto SMB Total Data Protection

Don’t Pay the Ransom: Roll back servers to moments before Ransomware attacks. If ransomware is detected, ALTO 3 notifies admins that they have a likely ransomware attack on their hands. From there, recovery is simply a matter of restoring from a previous backup. Stop worrying about ransomware and get back to business fast.

Datto ALTO 3 Benefits:

Each Datto Alto 3 backup can be restored as a virtual machine within minutes in the cloud
Datto Alto 3 backs up locally and in the cloud for redundancy and fastest recovery time
Each backup is tested and verified that it can be restored. No more guessing or wondering at 4am
“Image based backup” takes images and restores entire systems, not just files
Enterprise Business Continuity at a breakthrough price for the Small Business
The Datto Alto 3 is perfect for small business: the extremely compact Micro PC form factor means ALTO 3 can live right on the desktop