Network Continuity for Small and Medium Business

Network Continuity delivers seamless, uninterrupted, always connected network operation with fully integrated 4G-LTE fail over and fail back, always available cloud management, seamless WiFi roaming, self-healing capabilities, hardened security and built-in safeguards designed to ensure maximum up-time.

In business, network connectivity can determine who wins and who loses. It can be the difference between servicing customers or frustrating them to no end. Businesses can’t afford to be offline. Datto Networking’s always connected, high performance network products provide businesses with peace of mind, and the confidence that the network will be there when they need it.


Datto Networking Switches

  • Enhanced Power Management
  • Seamless Networking
  • Zero-Touch Deployment
  • 8, 24 or 48 Port Options
  • Cloud Management

Datto Networking WiFi Access point

  • High-Performance WiFi
  • Self-Organizing Networks
  • Self-Healing Mesh
  • Seamless Roaming
  • Cloud Management

Datto Networking Appliance

  • Edge Router
  • Firewall
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • 4G LTE Failover
  • Cloud Management